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Individual Fitness

Helping you set goals—and surpass them.

Deloris lost 80 pounds at the Kroc Center. You can reach your goals too.

“I have been coming to the Kroc Center for the past 3 years, and I truly thank God for it. It has been a blessing to me. The front desk staff is very very nice. I look forward to spending my day here. The atmosphere is great. We have established some very close relationships with other members. I don’t live in the neighborhood or in the downtown area, so my 20-minute drive has to be worth it, and the Kroc Center is worth it. Since I have been here, I have lost 80 pounds. so you won’t get any complaints from me about the Kroc Center.”
– Deloris

Individual Fitness Options

Group Exercise

Free to members & day pass holders.

Find the right fitness class for you like Rebecca.

“I love the Kroc Center because they make you feel welcome. I have been a member at a number of fitness facilities, and I often don’t feel comfortable, because I am not athletic. However, here at the Kroc Center, the staff makes everyone feel welcome, regardless of athletic ability. We have formed many meaningful friendships here. Stephanie, our group exercise instructor, helps us believe in ourselves and believe that we can accomplish our goals. I like it a lot here. It’s my happy place for the day!”

– Rebecca

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Take the plunge like Vicki

“Upon retiring in February of 2012, the first thing I did was join the Kroc Center, specifically for the water fitness programs during the day. When I do water fitness on a regular basis, both my physical and mental health is on a much more even keel. The water fitness instructor is so professional, and is always there after the class to answer questions and give advice for exercises pinpointing our specific problems. The whole staff at the Kroc Center is friendly and genuinely glad to see me. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the best. Sometimes when I am rushing to get to water fitness, the friendly smile and “good morning” on my way in are enough to amp me up for exercise. For me, water fitness has been a fun way to bounce back after chemo and radiation; it doesn’t seem like exercise. Our little group of regulars, taking the day water fitness classes, are the greatest in always welcoming me back from health issues and lengthy travels.”

– Vicki

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Grow with your family at the Kroc Center.

“I was disappointed in myself for not going to the gym and working out, but deep down inside, I didn’t really want to join another gym, because so far, I had not found one that offered me everything I would want. While riding bikes on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a friend of mine pointed out the Kroc Center, and told me all about everything it has to offer. I could not believe how big and how nice the building and the grounds were. I stopped my bike and knew I had to go see what was inside this huge building. I found an amazing facility, so nice that I felt like someone should be playing a piano at the front entrance. The staff is very friendly, and there is lots to do for the entire family. I can even ride my bike from my house to the Center on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I am excited to be a member, and look forward to spending time with my family at the Kroc Center, swimming, playing tennis, basketball, and working out.”

– Tonya


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