Our Aquatics Center is exciting for kids and adults of all ages.

The 25-yard, 6-lane lap pool can be used for leisure lap swimming, as well as more aggressive racing. There is also a zero-entry pool, which provides fun for the whole family with its many water features. One of the main water features is a full-sized water slide which exits the building and re-enters landing you into the main pool. There is even a whirlpool spa that can hold 12 people at a time.

Operating Hours

Lap Pool              Lap Lane Schedule

Days of the Week Hours
Sunday 2:00PM – 6:30PM
Monday – Thursday 5:45AM – 8:30PM
Friday 5:45AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 7:15AM – 6:30PM

Recreation Pool

Days of the Week Hours
Sunday 2:00PM – 6:30PM
Monday – Friday 10:00AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 10:00AM – 6:30PM

Swimming Lessons

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Mom and Baby in Pool

Kroc and Krocodilos Aquatics

Ages: 6 months – 3 years
Price: $38 per session (non-member* price)

These classes are designed to familiarize infants/toddlers (and their adult guardian) to water activities, and to prepare them to progress into the Krockies Aquatics and Krocodiles programs.
Classes are not designed to teach children to survive in the water on their own.p>


Time Days Pool
5:00–5:30p T & TH RECREATION


  • Session 1 (Level 1): September 12th-October 5th
  • Session 2 (Level 2): October 10th-November 2nd
  • Session 3 (Level 1): November 7th-December 7th

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Lady and child in pool

Krockies Aquatics

Ages: 3 – 5 years
Price: $38 per session (non-member* price)

These classes are a child’s first experience in a swim lesson without being accompanied by an adult. We orient preschool-age children to the aquatic environment, help them acquire basic aquatic skills, and prepare them to participate in the Krocodiles program.


Time Days Pool
5:30p–6:00p T & TH RECREATION


  • Session 1 (Level 3): September 12th-October 5th
  • Session 2 (Level 1): October 10th-November 2nd
  • Session 3 (Level 2): November 7th-December 7th

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Krocodiles Aquatics

Ages: 4 – 16 years
Price: $52 per session (non-member* price)

There are two levels in the Krocodiles Aquatics Program. Each level of this program includes the teaching and assessment of progressive swimming and water safety skills. Students are moved through the progressive levels as they accomplish the skills required at each level. (A student may remain at the same level for multiple sessions as they master the skills.)
The lessons are taught in small groups, by Certified American Red Cross Instructors and Aides. Our instructors make swimming lessons exciting, and help students develop both essential swimming skills and self-confidence while they are in the water.


Level Time Days Pool
   1 5:30p–6:30p T & TH RECREATION
   1 5:30p–6:30p T & TH RECREATION
   2 6:00p–7:00p T & TH LAP


  • Session 1: September 12th-October 5th
  • Session 2: October 10th-November 2nd
  • Session 3: November 7th-December 7th

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Young Woman Smiling in Pool

Kroc Aquatics

Ages: 14 & up
Price: $52 per session (non-member* price)

It’s never too late to learn to swim or improve the skills you have. Lessons are adapted to each participant’s starting level so that you can become the swimmer you want to be.


Time Days Pool
6:30p–7:30p M & W RECREATION
  • Session 1: September 11th-October 4th
  • Session 2: October 9th-November 1st
  • Session 3: November 6th-December 6th


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Young Man swimming

Kroc Swim Academy

Ages: 5 – 16 years

Price: $52 per session (non-member* price)

Kroc Swim Academy is combination of the SAIL Prep and Teen Swim Conditioning. Our swim academy is made up of four waves. If you need assistance with determining which wave your swimmer belongs in please see one of our Kroc Swim Academy coaches for assistance.
Wave 1:
 Swim half the length of the lap pool on front and back
Wave 2:
 Swim 25 yards freestyle
 Swim 25 yards backstroke
 Have an understanding of breaststroke
Wave 3:
 50 yards freestyle
 50 yards backstroke
 50 yards breaststroke
Wave 4:
 100 yards freestyle
 100 yards backstroke
 100 yards breaststroke
 Have an understanding of butterfly


Wave Time Days Pool
1 3:30p–4:00p M & W or T & TH LAP
2 3:30p–4:00p M-TH* LAP
3 4:00p–4:30P M-TH* LAP
4 4:00p–4:30P M-TH* LAP


October 23rd-December 7th

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Interested in a year round swim team? Check out our US Swimming team!

Kroc Swim Academy

*Members receive a discount and early registration on all group swim lessons!

Private Lessons

Ages: 3 and up

For all levels: Private 30-minute swim lessons are offered by select aquatics staff instructors. Multiple participants must be of similar ability.
Time set based on instructor and student availability.

Single 30-min Lesson Four 30-min Lessons Eight 30-min Lessons
 1 participant: $20  1 participant: $72 1 participant: $136
 2 participants: $25  2 participants: $90 2 participants: $170
 3 participants: $30  3 participants: $108 3 participants: $204



Ages: 18+ years
FREE for members

Greenville Splash Masters Swimming @ the Kroc is an exciting, fun, and dynamic workout for adult swimmers of all abilities. Workouts are designed for lap/fitness swimmers, triathletes, and competitive swimmers. Enjoy the benefits of structured workouts and professional coaching in a relaxed environment. Come on out and let our experienced coaches help to improve your technique, efficiency, strength and endurance.


Time Days Pool
6:00a–7:00a M, W & F LAP

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